My dad was the first conservative, environmental/non-environmental, green person in my life. Growing up we had very little garbage. What could be burned, would be burned. A plus at reducing land fill matter, a negative at what goes into the air. He recycled and could find ways to reuse things most people would throw away. My family bought in bulk, because bulk was the way to buy. Everyone had a deep freeze and you bought your meat by the side not the package. You learned how to cook by the piece of meat and in truth there was much more variety to the menu.

I grew up the youngest of 5, that traveled and lived in 2 countries. I raised my 4 children in the same state, moving around within a circle of about 200 miles throughout their lives. We lived in apartments the first decade and the same house for the next decade. The garden experience started when I was a child on the farm, then to the backyard garden with the children.

We’ve spent the last decade back in apartments, back in another country, and a new adventure in the RV. {Call it a taste of RV living} As much as I’d like to spend the rest of my life in an RV, Hubby wants to spend a few more years at working steady, our youngest daughter is starting her family {everything is all new as this is a first baby} and my health needs a time of repair. So we’re back to the apartment life for a few years.

The biggest downfall of RV life, was not having the room to have all of my Grandchildren with me. The advantage of the new apartment is it’s centrally located somewhat between the kids and we have room for all the Grand kids to come over! :o)

Now staying green in an apartment is the goal.

We’re not giving up our feelings our habits or our responsibilities to the earth. We’re being flexible. We have a nice woodsy back yard and many birds, squirrels and frogs so we don’t feel too smogged over; The complex recycles so it will be easy to continue our habits there. Grocery shopping can now go back to bulk as there is extra storage and weight is one factor of living and driving in an RV. You have to be aware of how much weight each item adds to your load, affecting your rig and gas mileage.

Living in the RV requires Green cleaners for the pipes, tank and environment where you dump. Apartment living is really no different. Green cleaners are safe for the system, the pipes and you!  Hot water and elbow grease have always been two of the best ingredients when it comes to cleaning.

Gardening didn’t work well when traveling. When your stationary it can be done. But I have a thumbs down to traveling gardens. I don’t know if it was the motion or the lighting. This is an advantage of apartment living as deck gardening is do able! It really doesn’t take much space to have a small garden. Lighting is important, soil and water…. herbs are so easy!! and who doesn’t love the fresh herbs in their recipes.?

We still rationally use the water and greatly appreciate the privilege of running water and not having to deal with sewer hoses and dumping tanks. {RV living requires you monitor your usage on everything you do!} Mind you it’s a simple weekly habit/chore one gets used to and when you enjoy the benefits of the location and traveling yard….. You decide what’s worth the work.

Water is a resource we all seem to take for granted. We have oceans all around us and they are always saying we have a water shortage. What many folks don’t realize is – we can’t drink the ocean water. The amount of clean drinkable water in the world is less than 5% of the world water supply! That’s not much.

We haven’t given up on the dreams, just postponed a few and altered the path. What’s important is to keep the good habits going. Lights get shut off when you leave a room. Unplug the appliance and chargers when your not using them. Ghost electricity accumulates more than we all realize. It’s like collecting pennies – eventually you have dollars! Fix leaks and drips. Cracks and drafts. Enjoy the benefits of the heat without loosing any out the doors and windows. Taking your shoes off and switching to slippers when you come in reduces the amount of need to vacuum and sweep. {Might as well give yourself some eco breaks }

If I’ve learned anything from my dad, one of the greatest things I learned was to be flexible and adaptable. The earth has become flexible and adapted to us and our use of the resources. We too can be flexible and help adapt to habits that will help the planet heal.

Really, why not? It’s good for you, it’s good for the earth and it’s good for the future.

I encourage everyone to take an adventure in an RV just to see for yourself how much you use and how little we really need to use of basic resources like power and water. Whether it’s a weekend, a week or a summer vacation. … It’s a fun way to test yourself on your eco friendliness.!!

We’ll be going on more RV adventures eventually calling one home again. ~

For now, it’s back to being Grama and Papa. :o)

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Without the TV…. and other things.

We spent 2 years living in the RV. 2 years since we sold our TV. We’ve spent time in the mountains, at the beach and in the local city camping parks. It’s been an adventure and a learning experience. When you only have a limited space, limited tank size and limited resources, you learn to adapt and conserve. It’s amazing how little you need to use! of so many things.

Now – Hubby is back to work on a steady machine shop schedule…. So I made the choice to give up the RV living and go back to apartment life. {My health is tiring a bit so it’s a safety precaution as well} Location is everything and being close to his work so we wouldn’t waste a ton of gas and hours of time, sitting in traffic – was important. Living in the city was not our fondest choice…… We found a fairly newly developed area, storm windows and double panes give it an eco friendly plus. Our particular unit is a nice little place on the ground floor with a forestry hill side out our sliding glass doors. We have no view of the apt complex and the busy side of things.  There are several birds and squirrels to keep me company during the day. A nice little trail to walk the dogs. Another big plus for the complex – they recycle!!! It’s going to be so nice to be able to use my bins. We had to buy furniture and We hooked up the internet and NO we didn’t buy a TV or get cable.

I will be monitoring the usage, to see if we keep with our conservative ways or if everyone ‘relaxes’ their habits and starts using more, just because it’s accessible. We were down to under 5 gallons of water a day! For three people, that’s pretty good. Showers were under 5 minutes. Now I’ve noticed they take at least 10.

Back to ‘normal living’  many would say. I have to ask though – What is normal?

Things that will not be changing ~ Some things it doesn’t matter where you live….

Reusable shopping bags

Green cleaning solutions

Recycling, Reusing, and Reducing

One plus feature to having more space

More bulk and economical shopping !

Let you know what other factors I find changing in future blogs…….


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