Eliminate Garden Pests – Naturally

AIMG_4001 (4)

Are you a coffee drinker?

Don’t throw them grounds away!

If your a gardener ~ You may have a need for them after all.

  1. Repel ants, snails and slugs by sprinkling coffee grounds near the point of entry, or around the planter base.
  2. Deter cats from your garden, by sprinkling around garden and planter base.
  3. of course you can use them in compost!
  4. and as a fertilizer for acid loving plants like tomatoes.
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Organization Specialist. Eco Geek! Sharing tips N information. Cleansing our lives of chemicals and waste, while we save our planet.:) Years of Volunteer work include: PTA {now PTSA} Campfire Leader, President Jr Football Assoc., Fund Raising Coordinator, Great Canadian Shoreline clean up coordinator. Now the Founder and President of ADULTS FOR LIL SPROUTS and for a hobby ~ Geo Events and CITO coordinator! Visit Geocaching.com for details.
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