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A beautifully written previous post {by a new guest author} mentioned ‘teaching’ children to ‘think green’.. {I totally agree} Personally I’ve always felt children that have a connection to a farm or forest in their family grow up a little different than those confined to a ‘city’ atmosphere. So how do we connect children and nature. I started doing some research. As a previous ‘homeschooling mom’ – I headed straight for my ‘resources’.. Not so great on Environmental issues, I headed to some of my favorite websites, of course, found what I was looking for.

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While exploring the Arbor Day Foundation page, I found a wonderful Children’s program called NATURE EXPLORE! …..

To answer the profound need for connecting young children with nature, the Arbor Day Foundation and the Dimensions Educational Research Foundation have collaborated to create the Nature Explore program. It provides educators, designers, and families with comprehensive resources to connect children with the natural world on a daily basis.

Please read the following link for the complete details….. and to download the Activity Kits and Learning materials….

{if your wanting to bring children and nature together you’ll get deeply absorbed here!}

The Forum brought together, for the first time, people from three diverse disciplines – landscape architects and community planners, environmentalists, and early childhood educators – to share information and plan for future collaborative efforts. Participants from 25 nations as diverse as Swaziland, Denmark, and Belize came together to learn from and with each other. One of the major outcomes of the Forum was the creation of the Nature Action Collaborative for Children (NACC).

Nature Action Collaborative for Children (NACC).


The mission of the Nature Action Collaborative for Children is to re-connect children with the natural world by making developmentally appropriate nature education a sustaining and enriching part of the daily lives of the world’s children.

In the Environmental Action Kit

you’ll find these great materials for Educators and families.

  • Early childhood professionals all over the world celebrated the World Forum’s International Mud Day of June 29, 2011.  Parents, teachers, children and one elephant joined in the fun.  What began as an exchange between the children of Nepal and Australia, organized by Bishnu Bhatta and Gillian McAuliffe, is now an idea shared throughout the world. PLAN YOUR MUD DAY 2012 EVENT NOW!!! then share it at the website! Yes you heard me right ~ MUD DAY!!!! JUNE 29TH ~

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