How to Cut a Pineapple

I had kept myself away from cutting a pineapple for many years. This was more of a fear of the unfolded. I preferred to use the canned pineapple to trying out the hard and messy task of cutting a pineapple. This was till I happened to come by a video on “How to Cut a Pineapple”.

I really didn’t know that just a video could change my perception so easily and that too about something that stuck to me for so long. Guess if you have a good teacher you can learn just about anything. After this there was just no looking back for me and I said to myself, “time to get started and bust the pineapple block”.

Thought there probably would be many like me who just pick up a can of pineapple even when there is a real good fresh smelling one right next to it. So here are a few tips from my experience on “How to cut a Pineapple?” It might just help you make a fresh choice.

-Choose a fruit that is fresh and smells sweet. If you actually smell a ripe healthy pineapple you know it is good. One that is golden yellow is best, let the greenish ones just stay there and ripen.

-What you need is a sharp knife to do the job well. If the knife is not sharp enough you would end up cutting off a good part of the fruit too. Firstly, cut off the leaves and also about an inch from the top of your pineapple. Cut off about half an inch from the bottom too.

-The next thing to do would be to keep the pineapple upright and get started with the sides. The skin on the sides of the pineapple should be chopped off, make sure that you do chop off only the skin and keep as much of the good part as possible.

-The body of the pineapple has brown spot or eyes all over. Any brown spots or eyes that are left after chopping off the skin may be removed individually with a knife.

-If you wish to cut the pineapple into round slices, cut and then remove the core. The core area is the central round area on the slice that is hard and cannot be eaten. Make a round around it with a sharp knife and just scoop it out.

-You could also cut the pineapple into thin long strips or small pieces (do remember to cut off the core) and have a delicious pineapple treat.

Ensure you always cut your pineapples the best way possible. With the above tips, you should ensure that you surprise your friends or visitors with the way you cut pineapples. Let them enjoy and learn from you. You can never be frustrated if you do it correctly as it’s always unique and appetizing. Don’t be left out or let yourself down at any single occasion. Pineapples are a great fruit to welcome your visitors or for your family during meals. Try the above tips and get the great experience.


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