Dude, where is your site?

Looking at your overall design – looks good, clean and easy on the eye so that shouldn’t be a problem.

The sidebar – Product of the month: Why is this linking to the home page on your review? It seems to have an aff link if you’re on the home page but if on the review – it goes to home page..I’d fix that and put your aff link there.

Looking at your review – try break your content up a little into more paragraphs. Some of your paragraphs are long – think mobile readers. It’s also a lot easier to read.

I threw your review in copyscape and it does show you have some dup content (it’s low so it shouldn’t be too much of an issue) considering your wordcount is around 2k.

Over all your site is pretty good. You’re not really ranking and traffic is too low to really make any tweaks for conversions optimisation.

Normally the general ration is around 1:100 anything after that I would be thinking about changing content, product in review or traffic sources. This means 1 sale per 100 clickbank hops..I try and aim for 1:30 or so but it will depend on the traffic, product and review. If I’m not converting or not converting very well I change my content and tweak it till I hit the money spot.

One thing I would change is your font color. Make it a little darker for accessibility. Sometimes the smallest tweak or change can make a huge difference – this could mean changing your link color to something else as well but wait until you have traffic before making changes.

I would try get some more pages up, don’t be scared to review other workout programs, supplements, equipment ect..Go for those long tails and review/buyers intent keywords.

And don’t be scared to go for higher search volume. I know a lot of the tools are out but sometimes they are right so if you’re ranking and not getting traffic – write some pages that get some good volume that are easy to rank for and get them to your review or aff link. Don’t be affraid of competition – just think outside the box.

Love how you’re doing blog comments, web2’s and what not – keep going. I normally spend about 20% on a peice of content and then 80% promoting it. Try be everywhere.

Keep going with it and don’t give up – do other reviews and write other peices of content supporting them.


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